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Fabric Countryside Wooden Puzzle - Puzzle - Goula

  • Fabric Countryside Wooden Puzzle - Puzzle - Goula.


Product Description

  • The background of each puzzle features a fabricated cloth that has been designed to resemble the 'feel' of the specific countryside creatures and flower in the puzzle - a Ladybird, Butterfly, Frog and Flower, so that young children can begin to learn the different textures of each countryside creatures and flower
  • The puzzle board measures 22 x 22cm approximately.
    Box Contains
    1 x Puzzle board with fabric/ cloth textured backgrounds
    1 x Ladybird puzzle piece
    1 x Butterfly puzzle piece
    1 x Frog puzzle piece
    1 x Flower puzzle piece
    Ages 1+
  • Fabric Countryside Wooden Puzzle - Puzzle - Goula.
    This beautiful 4 piece wooden Countryside puzzle has been designed to stimulate the imagination of young children as they match the correct wooden animal puzzle pieces to the fabric backgrounds of the puzzle board
  • All the puzzle pieces are extra thick - making is perfect for small hands to enjoy picking up and placing into the correct backgrounds on the puzzle board
  • This fantastic four piece wooden puzzle develops sensory perception and hand-eye coordination skills in young children from a young age whilst they are having fun - because that is what learning is about.
    The wooden Countryside puzzle is suitable for children aged 1-2 but is advised to be enjoyed under adult supervision


Actual Weight: 282g
Age: 1+
Ass/Sol: Solid
Manufacturer: Jumbo
Packaging: Box - A4 < 9"
Topic: wooden puzzle

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Age Range

1 year - 5 years




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