FINE10050 Fade Out

Fade Out Cream - Original - 50ml

  • Improves/evens out skin tone
  • Fade Out Cream - Original
  • Lightens and brightens skin beautifully
  • Reduces age spots, sun spots, liver spots and freckles
  • ++skin whitener ++skin bleacher ++305342 ++brighter skin


Product Description

  • Improve / even out skin tone
  • Fade Out Original Cream is formulated with Mulberry, Bearberry and Liquorice extracts which works in harmony with your skin especially designed to;
  • Fade any other brown pigmentation marks
  • Fade Freckles and Sun spots
  • Lift Age spots and Liver spots
  • Lightens and brightens skin tone


Fade Out is made with natural ingredients, so your skin can reach your desired effect naturally and gradually. Find out more about each of the key ingredients used in Fade Out products below.

Bears enjoy Bearberries which is how the fruit got its name. However humans can eat them too. The latin name for this fruit is Uva ursi. The leaves of the plant are used in herbal medicine - they contain Arbutin which can inhibit melanin production and help lighten skin.

The mulberry, latin name Morus bombycis, is native to warm, subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and the Americas. Like the Bearberry, Mulberry also contains Arbutin which is known to be effective in lightening.

Liquorice is the root of Glycrrhiza glabra. It's grown in Southern Europe. Often consumed as food, but is also known for its effectiveness in skin lightening properties.

Aosa Seaweed or Aosa
Aosa is a type of seaweed. It can help prevent wrinkles and slow the aging process of the skin by preventing the collagen and elastin (main component of skin's elastic fibres) from degrading.


Fade Out - Natural whitening skincare range for beautiful flawless skin.
Fade Out is a range of facial skincare products, which gradually work to even out the skin tone and fade brown marks such as age spots, sun spots and freckles. Fade Out is formulated with Zyalight beauty complex and natural ingredients which are known to be effective for whitening, such as:- Mulberry extract, Bearberry extract, Liquorice Root extract and Lactic Acid.

Fade Out works in harmony with the skin’s natural renewal process: - as the skin renews itself, the new flawless skin resurfaces, lifting the marks, evening out the skin tone. Fade Out is a tried and tested brand, trusted by women in over 50 countries worldwide over 20 years, thanks to its efficacy in brightening skin. Fade Out is proven to give brighter younger looking skin offering a comprehensive product range to suit different skin needs to fit into the daily skincare routine.


How does Fade Out work?
What do you imagine when you think about skin whitening or skin lightening? Hopefully not that legendary pop star with the pet monkey! Skin whitening and lightening sounds scary but that's not what Fade Out products are about. Fade Out products are simply made to help you achieve a flawless, gorgeous even skin tone.
Fade Out works by encouraging your skin to produce less melanin. Natural ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Mulberry extract, Bearberry extract and Liquorice extract work to suppress the melanin production process
We recommend you use Fade Out regularly - when you stop, your skin will produce what it considers is the natural amount of melanin, which may not be to your preference

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