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Faith In Nature Body Deodorant Stick - 100g

  • Manufactured from pure natural rock crystal with no animal testing involvement, the deodorant contains no aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens or toxic ingredients.


Product Description

  • In a handy long lasting push-up stick format.
  • The hypoallergenic rock crystal eliminates odour-causing bacteria and, healthily, does not block pores, allowing perspiration without body odour


Ammonium alum (natural mineral salts)


Use after shower or bath. Apply under arms to wet skin (or dampen crystal first). Rinse stick after use. Do not use on broken or damaged skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. After use, protect all surfaces as staining may occur.


Faith in Nature products combine traditionally trusted ingredients with advanced modern technology.

- Naturally preserved
- Naturally without SLES
- Naturally without synthetic colouring or fragrance
- Naturally with only pure aromatherapy oils for their beneficial effect and fragrant aroma
- Naturally offers best quality aromatherapy products, well packaged and sensibly priced
- Naturally free of animal ingredients and animal testing with a cut–off date of 1988

Our extensive Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner range contain very high levels of pure essential oils and herbal extracts (some organic and some made in our factory) to care for your hair without artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances or colours – all in a plant based surfactant.
Each shampoo is pH balanced for gentle cleansing without stripping the hair of its natural protective oils. Its thick, rich lather rinses out easily to leave your hair fresh & manageable. No SLES and only natural preservatives (no chemical preservatives) are used.

The matching conditioners have an extra natural advantage. With their unique formula, they gently coat and lubricate each strand of hair to leave it soft, manageable and easy to keep clean.

Our unique synergistic blends of aromatherapy oils further aid and benefit the other active herbal ingredients especially chosen by our team of experts, including our in-house qualified aromatherapist, to offer you benefit-lead products which make a difference to your hair and scalp.

Although we recommend particular products for certain skin and hair types, there will always be a very small percentage of people who will not fall into these categories or who have a skin sensitivity. If in doubt we recommend patch testing products before use.

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