Faithfull Drill Guide Stainless Steel 5-12mm


Product Description

  • The guide features an EVA suction pad that can also be used to retain water to help cool and assist in the slow drilling of hard materials such as ceramic tiles.

    Suitable for use in conjunction with Masonry, HSS, Diamond, Glass and Tile Max drill bits and will accommodate the following drill sizes:
    5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm.

    How to use:

    Mark the position for the hole that needs to be drilled on the material being worked

  • To do this pour water into a hole near the top of the guide

  • The Faithfull Drill Guide is designed to prevent drill bits from wandering when drilling into a smooth or glazed surface.

    The stainless steel guide plate is fitted with a central suction cup that can be attached to any smooth surface by simply depressing a lever

  • It can be advantageous to lubricate the drill bit using water
  • The EVA pad will retain the water and help lubricate the bit when drilling
  • Place the drill guide into position taking care to line up the required hole size on the front guide plate with the positioning mark for the hole you have made previously
  • Check that the guide has adhered to the surface before commencing drilling.

    When working in hard materials such as ceramic tiles

  • Always ensure that the guide is firmly stuck to the surface and that you have selected the correct size drill bit before you begin drilling
  • Drill at a low speeds when working in hard products.

  • Push the drill guide on to the surface until the suction cup is flat and then the push the centre level down to engage suction pad

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