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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Faithfull Power Plus Heavy-Duty Fluorescent Task Light 55 Watt 110 Volt

Product Description

  • These lights are cool running and eliminate the fire and burn hazards associated with halogen site lighting.

    Replacement Tubes are avaliable for both 240 Volt/110 Volt FPPSLTUBE55.

    The Faithfull task light come in 240 Volt or 110 Volt.

    This powerful worklight has a 55 Watt fluorescent tube mounted in an impact resistant waterproof case rated to IP44 for water and dust ingress protection.

    55 watt fluorescent light
    3M cable with built-in storage
    Impact resistant case

    Twin 16amp 110 volt sockets
    Fitted with an approved 110 volt plug

  • The Faithfull fluorescent lights have many uses around the work site or home, providing a glare free bright light that avoids the high heat output associated with halogen bulbs

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