Sorry - this product is no longer available

This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Faithfull Right Cut 5m Tape with Saw Guide

Product Description

  • Place the tape hook at the end of the material you wish to cut and engage the locating feet to ensure the tape is square to the workpiece
  • Speed Tape Measure and Saw Guide.

    New measuring and cutting tool gives accurate measurements every time.

    The 'Right Cut' provides the facility to measure and cut with one easy action

  • The Right cut enables you to measure and cut at 90 degrees quickly and accurately, without the need for a square and pencil.

    This product has patents worldwide and is exclusive to Toolbank!

  • Place your saw against the magnetic guide plate and cut
  • Pull the tape out until the distance you require is in the centre (datum mark) of the viewing window and lock the blade
  • It's as simple and easy as that!

    The top sight gives an accurate measurement to the face plate, this has 2 magnetic strips to help hold the saw

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