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Faithfull Samurai Bypass Secateurs Traditional 180mm

Product Description

  • They provide a clean stem cut with less bruising on live wood.

    A safety catch keeps the secateurs safely closed when not in use, and a rubber stop prevents wrist jarring

  • These Faithfull Traditional Bypass Secateurs have a high carbon steel precision Samurai blade with non-stick coating

  • The handles are forged from high strength, lightweight aluminium with PVC vinyl grips.

    The secateurs are suitable for the professional and home gardener.

    Slope the cut at a 45º angle facing away from the bud to ensure that water runs off and does not damage the bud.

    Remove any resin and pruning remains from the blades after use.
    Lubricate the central screw regularly.
    Store in a dry place.

    Length: 180mm.

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