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Faithfull Storage Bin Set with Wall Panels 43 Piece

Product Description

  • The set comprises two sturdy wall panels with 28 plastic bins for small parts such as nails, anchors and screws, and various tool holders that will accommodate screwdrivers, drill bits, combination spanners and many more items.

    Ideal for use in the workshop, garage or for hobby use.

    2 x Plastic Wall Panels (approx

  • 165 x 50mm) - Blue.
    1 x Tool Holder (approx
  • 215 x 100 x 73mm each) - Yellow.
    10 x Hooks (approx
  • 210 x 95mm) - Blue.
    1 x Combination Spanner Holder (approx

  • This Faithfull 43 piece wall mounted storage system is a quick and easy way to organise tools, fixings and accessories with easy access

  • 420 x 590mm each) - Grey.
    16 x Small Bins (approx
  • 115 x 100 x 73mm each) - Red, Blue.
    8 x Medium Bins (approx
  • 218 x 68mm) - Blue.
    Mounting Hardware.

  • 165 x 100 x 73mm each) - Blue.
    4 x Large Bins (approx
  • 50mm each) - Blue.
    1 x Bit and Drill Holder for various drill sizes (approx

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