EPVX16435 Fashion Alert

Fashion Alert Boys Aluminium Medical ID 5cm Blue Dog Tag Necklace on 18" Chain.


Product Description

  • Wear this fashionable annodized aluminium blue medical ID dog tag pendant with rubber casing, so that in the case of an accident, the medics would immediately be alerted that the wearer has a medical condition
  • Fashion Alert Boys annodized aluminium Medical ID 5cm Blue Dog Tag Necklace on 18 Inch Ball Chain
  • Please note that once the seal of the packaging of this item is opened, it cannot be returned
  • The dog tag measures 5.2cm x 3cm hanging on an 18 Inch chain
  • Please be sure it is what you want before opening the packaging.
  • The jewellery can also be custom engraved in most instances
  • Includes stickers to personalise the following conditions: * Diabetes, diabetes 1, Diabetes 2, * Bleeding Disorder, * Organ Donor, * Memory Loss, * Pacemaker, * Blood Thinner, * Heart Patient, * Peanut Allergy, * Asthma, * Drug Allergy, * Coumadin, * High Blood Pressure, * Seizure Disorder, * Gastric Bypass NO Blind NG Tube, * NO BP/Needle Left Arm, * NO BP/Needle Right Arm, * Penicillin Allergy


Height: 52
Width: 30
Lenght: 457
Metal type: Base Metal
Chain: 16" 9ct White Gold Chain
Creation method: natural
Treatment method: Not-treated

Manufactured by

Direct Diamond Centre









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