FAFS10763 Donjoy

Fastfit TROM 60cm Medium - Medium

  • The one-piece wraparound application makes it so simple to take on and off when rehabilitating from any injury or surgery
  • The straps nearest the knee should be secured next and again tightened with the buckles
  • The easy to use TROM hinge provides controlled range of motion and quick locking capabilities to meet a variety of protocols for rehabilitation from ligament surgeries, ACL damage or reconstruction, meniscal repairs and patella realignments
  • Finally secure the lower straps and tighten then the TROM can be adjusted for the perfect fit
  • The FastFit TROM is 60 cm in length or the slightly shorter Rehab TROM is 42 cm in length
  • The Donjoy TROM offers the Highest level of protection
  • The TROM (Total Range of Movement) from Donjoy is designed as a sized, ready to fit brace for post knee surgery or knee ligament damage
  • The Splint should be fitted when lying down by securing the thigh and calf panels as tight as possible with the Velcro strips
  • The TROM hinge system allows Flexion and Extension to be set to the required level by simply moving the buttons on both hinges, Extension stopping is available at 0, 10, 20 and 30 degrees and Flexion at 90, 70, 40 and 30 degrees, the flexion and the extention limits can both be set at the same time
  • The TROM also can be completly locked at any 10 degrees between 0 degrees and 90 degrees


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