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Femal Tablets - 60 Tablets

  • Nutritional support during the monthly cycle and during the menopause. With pollen pistil extract.

Product Description

FEMAL is a Pollen/Pistil extract with sweetener specifically formulated to support women's health throughout the life stages from the start of womanhood through to maturity. The pollen extracts and vitamin E in FEMAL provide nutritional support for women throughout the monthly cycle and during the menopause. FEMAL can be used as part of a body management programme for today's woman, adopting a modern, natural approach through diet and lifestyle changes to help manage the body's varying nutritional requirements through-out these changing times.

FEMAL contains two special extracts of standardised pollen combined with vitamin E. Highly specialised processes are used to produce the pollen extracts, simulating the natural pollination process of flowers by mixing fresh pollen and pistils and extracting the contents of fresh pollens from specified and selected plants. Clinical trials of FEMAL show significant reductions in many PMS and menopausal symptoms.


Pollen Pistil Extract
Sweetener (Isomalt )
Pollen Grain Extract
Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil
Vitamin E (Soya based)
Shellac (Glazing Agent )
Silicon Dioxide

Femal is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Free from yeast, gluten and milk derivatives.

The pollen extracts in Femal have been specially treated to ensure minimal risk of allergic reaction.


DO not exceed the recommended intake.
Pregnant and breast feeding women should not take this product
There are no side effects from Femal and no contraindications when used with other supplements.
There are no hormones or hormone like substances in Femal, so it is not likely that Femal would affect your possibilities of becoming pregnant.
The manufacturer advises that Femal does not affect blood pressure and there is no problem for someone with high or low blood pressure using the product.


It is recommended that 2 tablets per day would be the best intake, particularly when taking FEMAL for the first time. This intake can be adjusted to 1 tablet per day to suit individual requirements. This may be most comfortable with a glass of water or fruit juice in the morning.
As with many food supplements, FEMAL is intended for use regularly over time and on a daily basis. Most women find that after 3 months this can be adjusted to 1 tablet per day. FEMAL is designed to be taken throughout a woman's adult life and may therefore be used during the monthly cycle and during and after menopause. As a food supplement, it should be taken in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle and should not be a substitute for a varied diet.

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