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Fight City Card Game


Product Description

  • Three families
  • This boxed edition contains both original decks and an updated rule booklet.

    Fight City was nominated for an Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 1999
  • That is incorrect
  • Sylvester is not in Deck A
  • One city
  • Ten thousand battles.

    This is Fight City, an intense strategic card game about the struggle for money and power in a modern anarchy called Fight City
  • Each deck contains all the Fighters, Locations, and Weapons one player needs to wage way for control of the city
  • Doesn't that sound fun?

    In this strategy card game, you play a vicious thug commanding dozens of the world's least respectable characters, struggling to drive your arch-colleagues out of business." You start the game with ten dollars, which you can spend to bring Locations, Fighters, and Weapons into play
  • You can attack your opponent's Fighters, or you can attack his Bank directly
  • The first player to run out of money loses.

    Fight City was originally sold as two separate decks, the Power and Fear decks
  • Gail Stanton is however and should be the one listed there.
  • It's filled with brilliant art by Brian Snoddy, complex strategy, and the elegant game mechanics you expect from designer James Ernest.

    Errata: In the deck list for Deck A, it says there should be one Sylvester card in the deck

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