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Final Days - Zombies Miniatures Game


Product Description

  • Set in the biblical Apocalypse, post Rapture, the world has literally gone to Hell
  • Using a standard deck o fplaying cards to reslove actions, the fighting is fast and furious
  • Armed with shotguns, machine guns, grenades, claws and supernatural powers, the cards determine who hits and who misses, as well as a host of other random events
  • As figures suffer damage, their powers decrease, until they are just another corpse on the battlefield.
    Save a buller for yourself!
  • The dead have risen again as zombies and they walk the Earth sarching for living prey
  • The few that struggle for survival are called the Forsaken, the survivors of the Apocalypse who are doomed to live in a diseased and poisoned world
  • Scavenging food, weapons and supplies from long-abandonded buildings, these new heroes are taking on the undead threat
  • The Final Days game sets a new standard in skirmish-level miniatures play
  • They cling to what little hope remains and battle for their survival every day.

    Based upon simple rules, Final Days provides a wealth of strategy while remaining easy to learn and easy to play
  • Fighting alongside them are the legions of the Pit, blood-sucking vampires, foul ghouls and horrifying demons
  • Each figure represents one of the two main factions: the Forsaken or the Legions of the Pit

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