NAST20182 Finn Crisp

Finn Crisp 5 Whole Grain Crispbread - Pack of 12 x 200g

  • Topped with a selection of toasted seeds
  • FINN CRISP 5 Wholegrains crispbread combines the goodness of 100% wholegrain and a blend of five different grains (rye, wheat, oat, barley and buckwheat) for an even tastier and healthier crunch
  • Ideal for breakfast, with meal or as deliciously crunchy sandwich.



The VAASAN Group is one of the most significant bakery operators in Northern Europe. It is the leading bakery company in Finland and the Baltic region. The Group is also the largest thin crisp and the second-largest crisp bread producer in the world, and a leading Nordic operator in bake-off products.

The Group’s most popular domestic products include Finland's favourites breads such as VAASAN RUISPALAT rye bites, VAASAN KOULUNÄKKI crisp bread and VAASAN KOTIUUNIN bake-off products. VAASAN Oy is the second-largest crisp bread producer in the world. Outside Finland, its crisp bread products are sold under the FINN CRISP brand.

In 2009 the Group had a turnover of approximately EUR 397 million and employed some 3,000 people.

The VAASAN Group has developed solutions to meet consumers’ needs and brought innovations to the market for decades. These include very popular small, round crisp breads, rye bites, bake-off products for retail sale and new kinds of rolls and sliced breads.

The Group’s production units in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania deliver delicious fresh bread, coffee bread and other bakery products daily to thousands of retail shops and catering customers. The Group runs 14 fresh product bakeries and two industrial baking units in Finland, with another eight production units in the Baltic countries.

The VAASAN Group’s crisp breads and thin crisps are produced at the Kotka factory in Finland. VAASAN brand is a market leader in Finnish crisp bread, and exports account for over 50 % of the Group’s total sales of crisp breads and thin crisps. FINN CRISP crisp breads and thin crisps produced in Kotka are exported to more than thirty countries around the world, the most significant markets being Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, Russia and the Benelux countries.

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