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Fire Rated Supply Ceiling Valve - 100mm

  • Protection against fire should always be a concern and all safety measures should be considered
  • Fire rated ceiling valve usage is constantly growing in domestic and commercial properties
  • These fire rated ceiling valves have a 60 minute rating, which prevents fire spreading through ceilings
  • In case of a fire the intumescent pad inside the ceiling valve expands and prevents fire spreading through a building.


Product Description

  • Valve manufactured from 1.0mm thick sheet steel painted in white RAL9016 Satin
  • Fire Tested to BS EN 1365-2:1999 with a 60 minute rating for ceilings
  • The valve body is supplied with a cellular plastic gasket to form an air-tight seal
  • Mounting ring manufactured in 0.6mm thick galvanised steel with four 3mm fixing holes
  • The air flow is adjusted by rotating the control disc and locking with a lock nut when set
  • The control disc incorporates an intumescent pad which expands to seal the valve in a fire.


The Kair fire rated supply valve incorporate integral intumescent materials. During a fire, the intumescent material expands and closes the apeture of the valve, re-instating the fire resistance of the structure. Supply Valve - Dimensions CODE A B C D E F G H Weight (g) DUCMW105FRS 100mm 98.5 48 119 125.5 97.5 39 92 138 282g DUCMW125FRS 125mm 124 47 144 150 122.5 46 112 164 334g DUCMW155FRS 150mm 149 47 169 175 147.5 50 137.5 200 508g DUCMW205FRS 200mm 198 48 217 225 198 63 194 248 770g Looking for Extract Valves? CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF FIRE RATED EXTRACT CEILING VALVES Fire rated ceiling valve installation instructions Here are the instruction on how to install this ceiling valve

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