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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Fisco PR5ME Tape 5m/16ft Class I (Width 19mm)

Product Description

  • The high impact case is made of ABS plastic and the yellow, wear resistant blade is graduated using a highly accurate inkjet print
  • The distinct brake prevents blade movement and the blade is replaceable if anything should happen.

    Type approved as per EU Class l.

    Metric and Imperial Scale.

    Length: 5m (10ft)

  • Blade width: 19mm.

    Fisco PR5ME PR Tape 5M / 16ft 19mm Class I


    Length: 5m (10ft)

  • The Fisco Short Tape Steel PR is a tough tape that has an ergonomic grip, a rubber coated button and brake pad area

  • It has a smooth blade return action and bump stop with anti-wear function.

    The metal hole hanger enables a strap to be attached, and this allows for safe working at heights

  • Its end-hook is made from a strong stainless steel with a reinforced plate

  • Blade width: 19mm.

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