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Fish 4 Ever Mackerel In Spring Water - 125g

  • This mackerel is fished off the Coast of Scotland by mid-water trawls set on dense schools of moing fish
  • It is landed and packed for us in Scotland
  • Ideal source of Omega 3 and fish protein for inclusion in lower fat diets
  • Sourced from a fishery certified to the Marine Stewardship Council's environmental standard


Product Description

This Mackerel is fished off the Coast of Scotland by mid-water trawls set on dense schools of moving fish. It is landed and packed for us in Scotland. In our waters, Mackerel are found from the Iberian coast all the way up to the North Sea, North of Scotland. This variety is known as Spanish Mackerel or Scomber Japonicus.


Mackerel, spring water.

Nutrition Information

Typical value per 100g (drained) Energy 924kJ (222 kcal) Protein 18.2g Carbohydrates nil (of which sugars) nil Fat Total 16.6g (of which saturated) (3.2g) (of which Omega-3 polyinsat) (3.2g) Fibre nil Sodium 0.1g


At Fish 4 Ever we bring you a product that is delicious in taste and produced in the most 'sea-friendly' and 'earth-friendly' method. The marine environment is in danger of total collapse; over-fishing and terrible fishing practices are destroying sea life and the eco-systems at sea. By choosing Fish 4 Ever you can become part of the solution.... As a company we aim to sell a better alternative to consumers but our vision is that by doing so we also become part of the solution, helping and siding with those fishermen, packers and processors who want to fish sustainably. All of our land ingredients are from organic agriculture, certified and controlled in accordance with organic regulations. Organic agriculture has now been proved to produce healthier food with more nutrition but from an environmental point of view it is less polluting and has a far lower carbon footprint. At Fish 4 Ever it's not just the planet that we look out for but also its people. We also believe in social sustainability, supporting local fishing communities and making sure that our actions do not harm existing communities by taking away their resources and their livelihood. The use of organic cold pressed oils Cold pressed oils are produced using traditional methods, which retain the oil's nutritional value and flavour. For example, cold pressed sunflower oil is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E, while olive oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fats and helps to regulate cholesterol levels. Industrial oils are chemically treated and heated to high temperatures, which converts good fats into harmful trans-fats and destroys much of the oil's flavour too. Packed and cooked straight from the catch We pack and process our fish straight from the catch. We only pack the fillet and we maintain excellent quality in terms of the freshness of the fish, temperature controls and other potential processing hazards. Different methods apply to our tuna, or our sardines or our anchovy but all of them are based on doing things as naturally as possible and using the highest grade raw material to maintain the quality and nutritional goodness of the fish we can. Mercury, Dioxins and Histamine We test regularly for these hazards, using outside laboratories and the best possible quality control processes and systems, both for the incoming fish and for the finished product. These test have shown either a zero result or trace levels massively below the legal minimum.


MSC certificate number: C-FC1-0022.

Manufactured by

Organico Real Foods Limited








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