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Fizik Kurve Snake Black - One Size

  • In this position, the sit bones manage most of the body's weight with a little pressure on the genital area
  • With Kurve the comfort is given by the base and the surrounding elements.Kurve is formed from four elements;1
  • Mobius Rail 4
  • Tuner Re:Flex constructed base of all Kurve saddles, are sensory receptors, responding the body's every twist and turn
  • Whether the rider has big or small thighs, or a wide or narrow pelvis, the saddle adapts perfectly to the rider.MOBIUS RAIL The design of the Kurve saddle employs a new type of aluminum supporting rail, The Mobius Rail™
  • Re:Flex 2
  • The Wing Flex shell flexes downward in the critical area where the inner thighs contact the saddle
  • Wing Flex 3
  • The benefits of Re:Flex are the saddle follows very movement of our sitting contact points and so optimizes the interaction you have with your Kurve saddle
  • Unlike a traditional saddle rail, the potential pressure points caused by the rail insertion areas are eliminated
  • The Snake - Flexible Spine Those with more flexibility bend to a greater degree at the lower part of the spine
  • Mobius is a circular rail construction that has no beginning and no end
  • There are 2 tuner tension levels: slack and rigid (or soft and hard)
  • The Re:Flex construction is made around thermoplastic composite materials which are layered to provide superior support and comfort
  • The rider can personalize the saddle tension by simply changing the nose mounted clip-on insert.
  • KURVE A SADDLE THAT ADAPTS TO YOUR EVERY TWIST AND TURNSaddle comfort is usually given by the shape and foam on top of the base
  • Tuner is an interchangeable tension system, which allows the rider to customize their level of Re:Flex
  • Made from cold forged 2014-T6 alloy aluminum it provides the rail and shell with greater flexibility and support

Product Description

  • Wingflex sides allows free thigh movement

    Reflex base technology

    7x9mm Oval Alloy Mobius Rail



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