MAPL10026 Flexitol

Flexitol Hand Balm - 56g

  • Flexitol hand balm for very dry skin, with 10% urea is specifically formulated to soothe dry hands
  • Hand Balm for Very Dry Skin Softens, soothes and hydrates dry skin
  • Suitable for dry, itchy skin including eczema and psoriasis


Product Description

Flexitol Hand Balm

Dry, cracked and chapped hands affect many of us, often as a result of temperature changes, or the result of aspects of modern life such as :

  • Exposure to irritants (e.g.water, chemicals, frequent hand washing),
  • Exposure to allergens, substances that the body is allergic to (e.g.grass, pollen)
  • Medication (or treatments which have a drying effect on the skin)
  • Although symptoms can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, regular use of an effective hand balm can help improve and maintain well hydrated skin making it less prone to the effects of drying, cracking and discomfort
  • Flexitol Hand Balm is a richly formulated, nourishing and moisturising balm which helps to effectively improve the condition of very dry hands
  • By penetrating deeply into the skin it provides rapid relief from the symptoms of dry skin, quickly replenishes moisture and also prevents further moisture loss
  • It starts to work immediately and the positive effects can be felt from day one


This product is not suitable for children under 10, or for use on the face, lips or other sensitive areas.


Flexitol is a range of skincare products for foot,hand and nail care, as well as for sensitive and extremely dry skin. Laderma P/L, manufacturers of Flexitol, are committed to providing consumers with effective functional skin care products.

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