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Flix Traditional Interdental Sticks Pots (x60)

  • Flix Traditional Interdental Sticks Pots (x60)

Product Description

Ideal for hard-to-reach interdental spaces
\r\nFloss mesh is good for gum surface - gently massages gum tissue
\r\nSafe with crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontic work
\r\nSingle use, so no build-up of bacteria
\r\nCan be used anywhere and anytime, especially between brushing times
\r\nFloss mesh contains fluoride - time release during use
\r\nTapered head - 0.5mm to 1.7mm
\r\nFlexible recylable plastic
\r\nOne size only - covers six sizes of interdental brush equivalents
\r\nPack size: 60 Flix Sticks Pot

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