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Forge Backplate Handle Latch - Gable Chrome Finish

Product Description

  • The sprung handles have a lasting finish
  • The Forge range of Gable Handles incorporates a traditional backplate style with a scroll handle

  • If fitting Bathroom handles, now insert the bathroom spindle bar through the deadbolt hole of the lock from the outside of the door and place the thumbturn onto the spindle bar
  • Tighten the grubscrew on the underside with the hex key provided.

    Designed to be used with any tubular mortice latch.

    Finish: Chrome.

  • They are ideal for internal or external use as the handles have been tested for corrosion resistance and cycle tested beyond 100,000 uses.

    Supplied with screws and fitting instructions.

    Product Dimensions:
    Backplate: 170 x 42mm.
    Handle: 55 x 93mm.

    Fitting Instructions:

  • Ensuring the handle is square, mark the screw hole positions with a bradawl.
  • Place the spindle bar through an existing tubular latch or lock and position one handle over the spindle bar
  • Drill Ø2mm pilot holes and reposition the handle before securing using the wood screws provided.

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