AHCC55556 Forgefix

Forgefix Baypole Self Drill Screw Phillips Wafer Head ZP 4.8 x 100mm Blister 5


Product Description

  • The nails have a self-drill tip and are zinc plated for increased corrosion resistance and durability
  • These Forgefix Phillips Baypole Screws with wafer head are specifically designed for joining PVCu sections, particularly in bay windows

  • It does this by forming a barrier and by acting as a sacrificial anode if this barrier is damaged
  • The wafer head distributes the load under the screw head, offering a firm positive fixing in a similar way to that of a washer.

    The large wafer head distributes the load on numerous types of PVCu sections requiring joining.

    Zinc coatings prevent oxidation of the protected metal to create a longer lasting finish

  • When the torque gets too strong for the tip, the screwdriver tip winds itself out of the screw thus preventing over-tightening and or damage to the screw head.

    A self-drilling screw is similar to a sheet metal screw, but it has a drill-shaped point to cut through the substrate to eliminate the need for drilling a pilot hole

  • Zinc oxide is a fine white dust that (in contrast to iron oxide) does not trigger a breakdown of the substrate’s surface integrity as it is formed
  • The zinc oxide, if left intact, can act as a barrier to further oxidation, in a way similar to the protection afforded to aluminum and stainless steels by their oxide layers
  • It is designed so that a Phillips tip screwdriver can turn a Phillips screw with increasing torque
  • Designed for use in soft steel or other metals.

    Baypole Self Drill Screw Phillips Wafer Head ZP 4.8 x 100mm Blister 5

  • The Phillips screw has four simple tapered slots

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