DELI10431 Freederm

Freederm Treatment Gel 4% W/w - 10g

  • It contains a unique active ingredient - nicotinamide - which has been clinically proven to help get rid of inflamed spots.
  • Freederm Treatment Gel 4% W/w is an anti-inflammatory spot treatment


Product Description

  • By targeting this area with its anti-inflammatory action, Freederm gel doesn’t only deal with the spots that are already visible, but helps stop the spots that are just starting to form too.

    And thanks to its special hydro-gel formulation, you'll find that Freederm gel is less drying than some spot or acne treatments.
  • Freederm gel works in a different way to other spot treatments you can buy, because it actually targets the process that causes the spots in the first place.

    It penetrates the skin to reach the sebaceous glands (which produce oil in your skin)


Apply Freederm gel to the areas of skin where you need it, twice a day, morning and night, after cleansing and gently drying with a clean towel.

When you apply the gel, use three fingers to spread a thin film of it as evenly as you can over the whole area where there are spots or acne.

Make sure you read and keep Freederm gel's 'Patient Information' leaflet which is in the pack. This will give you more useful instructions on how to get the best from your treatment.

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