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Fridge Freezer White Plastic Door Handles and Fixings Kit

Product Description

  • Fridge Freezer White Plastic Door Handles and Fixings Kit

    Pack of 2

    OPN: 369542

    Fit to Model

    Bosch KGE3220GB/01, KGE3220GB/02, KGE3220GB/03, KGE3220GB/04, KGE3220GB/05, KGE3417GB/01, KGS3220GB/02, KGS3220GB/03, KGS3220GB/04, KGS3220GB/05, KGS3222GB/01, KGS3222GB/02, KGS3720GB/03, KGS3720GB/04, KGS3720GB/05, KGS3720GB/06, KGS3722GB/01, KGU32120/01, KGU32120/02, KGU32120/04, KGU32120GB/01, KGU32120GB/02, KGU32120GB/03, KGU32120GB/04, KGU32120GB/05, KGU32120GB/06, KGU32120GB/08, KGU32121GB/01, KGU32121GB/02, KGU3220GB/01, KGU3220GB/02, KGU3220GB/03, KGU34120GB/01, KGU34120GB/02, KGU34120GB/03, KGU34120GB/04, KGU34120IE/01, KGU34120IE/02, KGU34120IE/03, KGU34120IE/04, KGU34121GB/02, KGU3420GB/01, KGU3420GB/02, KGU3420GB/03, KGV2620GB/01, KGV2620GB/02, KGV2620GB/03, KGV2620GB/04, KGV2620GB/05, KGV26420GB/01, KGV3120GB/01, KGV3120GB/02, KGV3120GB/03, KGV3120GB/04, KGV3120GB/05, KGV3120GB/06, KGV31310GB/01, KGV31420GB/01, KGV31421GB/01, KGV32421GB/01, KGV35421GB/01, KGV3620GB/01, KGV3620GB/02, KGV3620GB/03, KGV3620GB/04, KGV3620GB/05, KSV2920GB/01, KSV2920GB/02, KSV32320GB/01, KSV3320GB/01, KSV3320GB/02, KSV3321GB/01, KSV3321GB/03, KSV3321GB/04, KSV3321GB/06, KSV3321GB/07

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