AWCY13480 Fulcrum

Fulcrum Red Power, 29er XL Disc, 2014 Black

  • The numbers of cyclists choosing 29” wheels are continuously growing and Fulcrum, which has always listened to what the enthusiasts want, has revised and improved its already successful XL
  • The exclusive new rim design with directional nipple holes make greater spoke camber angles possible for increased lateral stiffness, and for the mountain biker, this means outstanding reactivity and performance
  • Not just a fashion
  • Excellent lateral stiffness and reactivity of the wheel
  • Point your bike at the toughest mixed uphill/downhill track with the Red Metal 29 XL, and you'll fly like never before! NEW MILLED RIM 29” - Extremely lightweight
  • NIPPLES WITH SELF-LOCKING SYSTEM - These maintain the tension of the spokes over time - they do not require maintenance.


Product Description

  • Directional nipple holes
  • Greater spoke camber angles
  • Increased lateral stiffness
  • Outstanding reactivity and performance
  • You'll fly like never before

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