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Furby - Furby Boom - Sweet Hearts - Pink/Blue - Hasbro

  • Furby - Furby Boom - Sweet Hearts - Pink/Blue.A new generation is hatching.Now works with new, free Furby Boom app for smartphones.Raise virtual Furby Furblings by playing games together, styling virtual playrooms & more!


Product Description

  • Name your Furby Boom - it will recognise its name! 2
  • Care for it and see it hatch into one of 50+ Furblings that you can interact and play with using the free app
  • Keeping playing with your Boom to unlock new Furblings - gift them to friends or accept one as a gift from them! As you collect Furblings you can wash, treat and play with them
  • The free downloadble app is available on the Apple and Google Play stores for use with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and a range of Android devices
  • Collect the main 50 Furblings to unlock a special golden Furbling!
  • Parents will also be pleased to know that there's a secret off switch! Furblings If you look after your Furby Boom, it will also give you a virtual egg
  • Furby - Furby Boom - Sweet Hearts - Pink/Blue.
    What can you do with the new Furby Boom app? 1
  • Play lots of games 3
  • Talk to it, feed it, tickle it...the more fun you have with your Furby Boom the better
  • The new app unleashes a whole host of new features for you to get to grips with - read about some in the box on the right! Furby Booms are 15cm tall, suitable for children aged six and up and require 4 x AA batteries, which are not included
  • Hatch, collect and play with virtual Furblings! 4
  • Give your Furby Boom a shower or take it to the toilet 5
  • Build up your Furbling city to keep them all in
  • Translate Furbish Furby Boom ZigZag Stripes lets you play, chat, dance and interact with an electronic pet like never before! Featuring a crazy new design, your Furby Boom will react to you and other Furbys, and how you treat it will shape its personality


Actual Weight: 690g
Age: 6+
Ass/Sol: Solid
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Packaging: Box - A3 +
Topic: Furby Boom

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Age Range

18 years - 99 years




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