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Furreal Friends - Pets With Style - Groom 'N Style Princess Pup


Product Description

FurReal Friends plush pets are all about rich, pet experiences. Their exciting, engaging, and interactive play helps create unforgettable memories.

You will have so much fun with this Pets With Style plush toy puppy! This sweet pup has soft hair that you can make long or short and style any way you want.

Groom 'n Style Princess Pup plush toy has fun hair that you will love to brush and style. You can create looks in different lengths. Turn the bow on top of her head and her hair will get shorter. Gently pull her hair on each side and it will get long again. She comes with a brush and pretty barrettes that let you make her hairstyle just the way you like it.

Groom 'n Style Princess Pup plush toy looks like such a pretty princess with her long eyelashes, the heart-shaped tag on her neck, and her beautiful, soft hair. You can make her hair long or short by pulling on the sides to lengthen it or twisting the bow on her head to shorten it. She loves when you brush and style her hair. You can decorate her tiara by plugging in the included jewel accessories, and she also comes with a sticker sheet for even more decorating fun.

Groom 'n Style Princess Pup plush toy makes adorable puppy sounds when you gently press her back or when you pet her head. You will have such fun making her hair long or short and brushing it, adding barrettes, and then finishing off her look with a tiara that you can decorate with jewels. When you are finished grooming her, you can hold her in your arms and pet her.

Includes: pet, brush, 2 barrettes, tiara, 6 jewels, sticker sheet and instructions.


  • Gently pull her hair to make it longer
  • Twist her bow to make her hair shorter
  • Press her back to hear her make adorable puppy sounds
  • Decorate her tiara with jewels
  • She's soft and cuddly
2 x 1.5v AAA batteries required. Demo batteries included.

Box Dimensions (cms): 25 x 21 x 11

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 4 years and over.

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Age Range

4 years - 7 years




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