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G & G Free Form Amino Acids - 200g Powder

  • Helpful to those who have suffered long-term protein maldigestion.
  • G & G Free Form Amino Acids help with neurotransmitter and enzyme production


Product Description

  • Usually this is a good thing, but sometimes it can cause something equivalent to a metabolic traffic jam
  • • Helps with neurotransmitter and enzyme production
  • Patients may tire easily and even feel worse than before they started on the supplement
  • • Amino acids are ‘pre-digested’ unlike protein
  • To avoid this possibility it is best to take a blend of amino acids rather than a single amino acid
  • No metabolic pathway proceeds in isolation so using an amino acid to alter one will alter others which cross it
  • • Helpful to those who have suffered long-term protein maldigestion.


L-Glutamic Acid - 400mg L-Glutamine - 400mg L-Arginine - 368mg L-Leucine - 320mg Glycine - 236mg L-Histidine - 108mg L-Isoleucine - 240mg L-Valine - 240mg L-Methionine - 192mg L-Phenylalanine - 192mg L-Serine - 192mg L-Threonine - 160mg L-Tyrosine - 160mg L-Alanine - 96mg L-Proline - 80mg L-Aspartic Acid - 80mg L-Lysine - 75mg L-Citrulline - 64mg L-Taurine - 52mg L-Cysteine - 20mg


Take one level teaspoon (4 grams approx) two-four times daily, an hour before food, or as directed by a healthcare professional.


G&G Vitamin Centre began in 1965 in the front room of David and Sheila Gaiman's home. Since then it has expanded to now occupying a 31,000 sq ft building in East Grinstead, West Sussex England. As well as supplying the G&G brand of high quality, pure and effective food supplements, G&G also contract manufacture 'own label' products for some of the top award-winning brands in the UK. With over 45 years of exceptional service in the health food industry, maintaining good health is in good hands!

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G&G Vitamins have been providing customers with a natural approach to a healthy life since 1965 by using only the purest, highest quality and most effective ingredients to make the best food supplements. G&G's range of vitamins, minerals, herbs and probiotics contain no yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose or added sugar. They have no additives, preservatives, E's, flowing agents or excipients whatsoever.

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