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G & G Tru Formula Hand Cream - 200ml

  • Several years ago we decided to take the optimum hand cream formula for professional use and put in the man hours to develop a perfect duplicate of this formula - something which had never been done before
  • G & G Tru Formula Hand Cream
  • Hand Moisturiser.
  • No corners were cut, no substitutes were used and nothing except the very first technically accurate hand cream was permitted
  • The result is a hand cream like no other
  • Years later we can now proudly state we have a hand cream that is completely true to the original formula



Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulsified Cetomacrogolis Wax (consisting of: Cetearyl alcohol (Cetosteary alcohol-80%), Ceteareth-20 (Cetomacrogol TM 1000-20%)), Sorbitol Solution 70%, Sorbic Acid.


G&G Vitamin Centre began in 1965 in the front room of David and Sheila Gaiman's home. Since then it has expanded to now occupying a 31,000 sq ft building in East Grinstead, West Sussex England. As well as supplying the G&G brand of high quality, pure and effective food supplements, G&G also contract manufacture 'own label' products for some of the top award-winning brands in the UK. With over 45 years of exceptional service in the health food industry, maintaining good health is in good hands!


-Smooth waxy feel
- No sticky residue
- Ideal conductor
- Moisturises and soothes

Tru-Formula hand cream uses a modern patented packaging system, designed to ensure no hand cream goes to waste. Within the bottle the hand cream is stored inside a vauum bag. When you dispense some cream from the bottle, the bag shrinks too. So not only is there no wasted hand cream going to waste in the lid or around the nozzle, the bag ensures that you get every last drop of the hand cream making it cleaner, more efficient and more economical..

About Brand

G&G Vitamins have been providing customers with a natural approach to a healthy life since 1965 by using only the purest, highest quality and most effective ingredients to make the best food supplements. G&G's range of vitamins, minerals, herbs and probiotics contain no yeast, wheat, gluten, lactose or added sugar. They have no additives, preservatives, E's, flowing agents or excipients whatsoever.

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Expected Despatch By 04/11/2016

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