SLTL10820 Gas It

GAS IT PLUS 6kg 4 Hole Refillable LPG Gas Bottle Cylinder

  • 6kg 4 Hole Gas It Plus Cylinder Fills to 80% - 11.5 Litres 445mm x 230mm


Product Description

  • So if you want the best safety available and built in to any refillable gas bottle as well as fantastic product functionality and reliability then this is the GAS IT Plus refillable bottle has to be for you.

    Refillable Gas It bottles and cylinders enable you to refill your own bottles and save £'s on your LPG costs compared to normal bottle suppliers gas

  • These GAS IT Plus bottles are fitted with 4 separate valves and many safety features not seen in other brands of bottle which makes these GAS IT Plus bottles unique in many ways

  • If you have a propane pigtail (UK POL) fitted to your existing gas install you can either buy a separate new 21.8 LH pigtail or a POL to 21.8LH adaptor to allow you to use your existing UK POL propane pigtail - both are available from ourselves
  • The savings can be up to 60% and unlike your usual suppliers, you can fill these bottles up at any time whether empty or part empty.

    This GAS IT brand of 6kg Refillable gas bottle is fitted with a float level / content controlled outlet and comes with the standard refillable elbow with JIC fitting identical to our other bottles and Gaslow, Caratank and so forth.

    The gas outlet on the manual tap is the UK specification 109 nut (21.8 LH) thread which is known as the butane nut fitting

  • If buying a full premium kit then new pigtails are included.

    These bottles will need a fill point in order to be filled, we offer full kits for those interested in purchasing more than just the cylinder.

    Bottle Specifications:

    Bottle Gas It 6kg Gas It PLUS 6kg Gas It 11kg Gas It PLUS 13kg Gas it PLUS 21kg
    Size (Height x Diameter) 470mm x 246mm 445mm x 230mm 550mm x 304mm 560mm x 300mm 702mm x 300mm
    Fills to approx @ 80% 11.5 Litres 11.5 Litres 21 Litres 21.6 Litres 33.6 Litres
    Empty Cylinder Weight 7Kg 11Kg 11.9Kg 16Kg 24Kg

    If you are new to refillable LPG Cylinders then you can check out this guide from our blog here

    If you are interested in what is in the inside of one of these cylinders then you can see this blog post here

    A full list of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about LPG Cylinders is HERE

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