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Gatineau RENEW 7 Detox - 15ml


Product Description

  • This skincare 'cure' contains formulas inspired from aesthetic medicine
  • It is believed that the outer surface of the skin is exposed to over 5000 free radicals a day

  • On the basis of this Gatineau have developed a 'cure' to detoxify the skin cells and provide the skin with a renewed and radiant look.

    Active Ingredients:
    Detoxine: Detoxine is a biotechnological ingredient derived from a yeast extract called Candida Saitoana
  • Jeanne Gatineau, who opened her first beauty salon in Paris in 1937

  • Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules which try to bind with part of our cells
  • These free radicals destroy healthy cells and cause oxidation within the body
  • Lysosomes have various roles
  • She believed that with Gatineau any woman, no matter what her age, could achieve a beautiful complexion.

  • Gatineau RENEW 7 Detox 7 Day Cure bridges the gap between cosmetic ingredients and medical ingredients

  • Silicone free.

    Behind the brand

    One of France's premium beauty brands, Gatineau is renowned by industry experts for its expertise and use of cutting-edge technology

  • Lysosomes are membranous sacs of enzymes
  • Oxidative stress plays a central role in the events that cause skin ageing.
    It breaks down collagen, alters cell renewal cycles and damages cell DNA
  • They are active in recycling the cell's organic material and in the intracellular digestion of macromolecules.

    Directions for use:
    Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and decollete before your daily care product instead of your usual serum.

    No parabens added
  • The concentration of ingredients in this product is highly concentrated and this provides an intensive and targeted action with results seen in 7 days
  • Although Gatineau use powerful anti-oxidants to fight these free radicals sometimes there can be some residue remaining
  • It combines science and nature to help achieve the very best results for your skin.

    Gatineau was founded in France in the 1930s by Mme
  • It removes any remaining free radical residues in the skin by boosting the Lysosome naturally present in the skin
  • Detoxine increases the skins capacity to detoxify the skin

  • Lysosome: A natural element present in the skin it acts like a waste disposal and recycling plant

  • With a surface area of between 16 and 22 feet, the skin is more than just a protective barrier
  • These enzymes are typically hydrolytic and can digest cellular macromolecules

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