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Geeks The Convention Card Game


Product Description

  • Welcome to the worlds biggest, greatest, most flamable game convention in the history of the hobby Goon-Con
  • If another player calls for a game of Bludgeons & Flagons, you better hope you've got a Long Gamer Story up your sleeve

  • You, the player, control a Busload-O-Geeks" (8 per minibus to be exact) who have come to enjoy endless days and eternal nights of gaming and other madcap mischief
  • Everything you need for an evening of Annoying, Boring, Frightening, and Revolting fun is inside!"
  • But do your Geeks have what it takes to last the entire convention?

    Imagine gaming with the most Boring, Annoying, Frightening and Revolting Geeks in the world! At Goon-Con your Geeks will be rubbing elbows with Comic Book Carl, Combat Monster Matt, Maidenly Marion, The Big Funny Looking Guy In The Corner, and many more!

    You can bet with this kind of turn out the competion will be stiff, and your opponents will do anything to drive your Geeks from the Con

  • Geeks is a complete self-contained card game
  • Didn't expect that surprise visit from your Angry Girlfriend? Pray you're lucky enough to have a Lying Buddy nearby
  • And what if, heaven forbid, you're Out-O-Snacks? Better send someone quick on a mad dash to Burger Thing or Little Sneezer's Pizza
  • Greetings to all you gamers, trekoids, netheads, death matchers, dice rollers, number crunchers, and compulsive droolers, better known collectively as Geeks
  • Otherwise it's "adios", as one of your Geeks will flee the convention, retiring to the Bus Depot, to begin the lonely wait for The Last Bus Home

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