ELGS12517 Rootit

Gel 4 Plugs Hormone Rooting Gel For Use With Plugs / Rockwool Cubes / Cuttings

  • Just one ml or less is sufficient to ensure rooting of softwood/greenwood and many semi-hardwood cuttings (but not acid-loving plants, such as Azaleas)
  • rockwool, peat or bark blocks).Saturate plugs as usual with either water or dilute nutrients Turn bottle upside down and shake gel into nozzle.Immediately place open nozzle into the preformed hole in a plug and squeeze the bottle to dispense gel, gently withdrawing the nozzle so that the hole is filled.Push a cutting firmly through the gel in each plug.Cuttings should ideally be held in a propagator
  • However, additional gel can be squrted around stems at any time.
  • This ensures maximum effect of its active ingredients
  • The gel will not dry out provided plugs are kept moist
  • GEL 4 PLUGS ROOTING AND PROPAGATION GELIt is a gel based propagation aid, which, unlike other rooting gels, is placed directly into the central dibble of the plug
  • Gel4Plugs is a unique formulation and is synergistic with the plug, producing vigorous roots with minimum maintenance
  • The gel forms a seal around the cut surface of the cutting, aiding uptake and helping prevent dehydration and infection.This gel is for use on softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings.Use in conjuction with propagation plugs (e.g
  • It loses hydration very slowly within a moist plug and so delivers its active ingredients over a long period


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