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George Foreman 20850 Entertaining Six Portion Grill


Product Description

  • But that’s only one of many reasons why the Family Grill from George Foreman will be a useful part of your kitchen range
  • It’s an ideal choice for quick family meals and snacks – without the fast food fat.

    Practical features
    It has floating hinges so you can also grill pizzas, open sandwiches and thicker cuts of meat
  • It has push-button, easy release removable plates for cleaning so when you’ve finished cooking, you can remove the plates and wash them by hand or in the dishwasher.

    Stylish design
    In a black lacquered finish, this machine is designed to look smart on your worktop
  • It has been specially designed to help drain away excess fat, effectively reducing the fat content without losing any of the taste or succulence
  • Measured against 20% fat content beef burgers (113g)

    Box Contains
    1 x Entertaining six portion grill
    1 x Instruction manual
    1 x Drip tray
  • From burgers to toasties and fish to pizza, a George Foreman Fat Reducing Grill delivers all of the taste and with up to 42%* less fat
  • It’s the ideal appliance for making a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, cooking burgers, sausages, chicken and more
  • Product Description

    George Foreman Family Removable Plates Grill
    Hunger can strike quickly and when it does, your family don’t want to wait for the grill on your oven to heat up
  • The Family Grill is a versatile addition to your appliance range and can be used for making brunches, meals and snacks.

    Cooks up to six portions
    With large sized 640 sq cm hot plates it’s ideal for grilling plenty of steaks, burgers and toasted sandwiches in one go.

    Faster heat up time
    Made with hotter plates and non stick coating technology which means they can last up to 3x longer to previous versions.

    Removes up to 42%* of fat
    Its grill design channels fat in to a separate drip tray so it effectively removes up to 42% of fat in food.

    About George Foreman
    George Foreman has celebrated over 13 years making health grills in the UK
  • The stand-alone grills are a feature in millions of homes and are an easy, quick, convenient and healthy way to whip up your favourite meals and snacks

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