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Get Out Board Game


Product Description

  • It's a rainy day in Seattle, you're bored, and you live in your mom's basement
  • You can take as many jobs as you want, but each one slows you down, making it harder to get to Payday
  • But that's normal
  • Get an apartment
  • The squares on the outer board are jobs, and the squares on the middle board are apartments
  • Survive the trials of life-on-your-own
  • Something's wrong
  • Your mom's been harping on you to get a job
  • And sometimes your loser genes get the better of you.

    Get Out is a Monopoly-style game with three tracks instead of one, and a couple of nice mechanical twists
  • Not that they necessarily have to be four months in a row....
  • Not because they particularly want to get lives, but just to prove that they can do it faster than you can.

    Your objective? Get a job
  • Money doesn't really matter anyway; the real point of the game is to spend four months in the terrifying center ring
  • No, what's really wrong is that you're about to give up this perfect gig and actually try to get a life.

    Your friends get wind of your harebrained idea and decide to race you
  • Your pitfalls? You've got no taste, a crappy car, and aspirations of being a success without lifting a finger
  • That's normal too

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