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Getting Started Knitting Socks


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  • Socks require techniques not typically used in simple projects such as scarves and hats, but these techniques are as easy to learn as the basic knit and purl stitches
  • Socks are one of the most popular projects among experienced knitters, yet they can mystify beginning knitters
  • In fact, you can knit your very own socks, and veteran sock knitter Ann Budd shows you how
  • Along the way you will learn the fundamentals of sock knitting, a vareity of ways to achieve similar results, and a host of time-proven tips that ensure success
  • Whether you want to knit a pair of delicate dress socks for your ten year old niece, a pair of sturdy boot socks for your older brother, or a pair of bulky slipper socks for yourself, we've got your feet covered
  • So get started knitting socks - soon you will have made your first sock...then its mate
  • Then, before you know it, you will be your own sock-knitting machine.
  • Included are basic instructions for knitting socks at five different sizes and for five different gauges
  • Each step - from casting on stitches for the leg to working the misunderstood Kitchener stitch at the toe - is broken down into its basic elements and illustrated with clear photographs and drawings


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