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Gillette Mach3 Blades - 8 Pieces

  • Gillette Mach3 Blades
  • A revolutionary triple - blade shaving system for the closest shave ever in fewer strokes - with less irritation


Product Description

  • 3 Blades specially positioned to extend gradually closer to your beard, to shave you progressively closer in a single stroke
  • So close there is less need to reshave , which means less irritation
  • Exclusive DLC comfort edges
  • Each blade has a unique DLC comfort edge, so MACH3 glides effortlessly and comfortably across your face
  • The MACH3 advanced Indicator lubricating strip has a blue stripe that fades away when you are no longer getting the optimal MACH3 shaving experience


Gillette is at the heart of men’s grooming for over 100 years and trusted by over 800 million men globally to help prepare for the day ahead. Grooming plays an increasingly important role in a man's day. With the number of men engaging in facial and body grooming on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, one thing is clear: men have carved out their own niche in the beauty industry and Gillette offers products specific to their needs.

About Brand

At the heart of men's grooming for more than 100 years, Gillette understands that when men look good, they feel good and they perform well.

Gillette is synonymous with shaving and personal care products including manual & power razors, scrubs, gels & foams and moisturizers, all of which complete the Gillette shave care range.

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Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016

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