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Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner - 250ml

  • ++leave in conditioner ++hair conditioners
  • Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner restores strength, lustre and nourishment to abused hair


Product Description

  • detangles for easy comb-out, easy styling
  • contains no laurel/laureth sulfates
  • - moisturises and builds body


Giovanni’s Organic Line garners worldwide accolades for its extensive collection of 17 formula-proven products that encompasses cleansers, conditioners, repairing treatments, styling products and finishing sprays. Rich in Ripe Harvested Certified Organic Botanicals, this line provides a solution for the needs of every head. Moreover, the unique, award-winning packaging is like nothing else seen in the market today. Indeed, the spectrum of innovative in Giovanni products is truly astonishing.

Giovanni Hair Care Products are made from a pure vegetable protein base, the first of its kind. Giovanni is the first hair care system in history that can actually say with certainty that the regular exclusive use of their products will completely alleviate build up! The vegetable protein allows the product to be absorbed directly into the pores of the hair, absorbing the moisturizer into the skin. No sticky feeling, no residual coating and NO BUILD UP! Giovanni is also excellent for use on color treated hair, because it is all natural and prevents colour fading. Giovanni products will provide shine, manageability, softness, styling, and hold to hair.

Giovanni pioneered his hair care with the concepts of:

- No animal testing
- Products with no animal by-products
- Biodegradable formulas
- Products using Certified Organic ingredients

Giovanni Hair Care Products will condition and moisturize naturally, and provide both essential and luxurious herbs and minerals to begin to repair some of the damage and dryness, and restore your hair to its natural beauty.

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