FFSP10198 Giuseppe Giusti

Giuseppe Giusti 6 And 12 Year Balsamic Duo Gift Set, 2 x 250ml, Exclusive 10% Discount

  • Years of patient waiting while they mature quietly in old oak casks...and the result is more than worth it
  • Like fine wine, the key ingredient of these gorgeous vinegars is patience
  • This gift set contains one young-ish and one middle-aged vinegar in attractively-labelled bottles which will look wonderful on display in the kitchen
  • An ideal Christmas gift for all foodies, guzzlers, gourmands and chefs.


Product Description

  • The 12-year is a little sweeter and more syrupy, and requires a bit more showing off, so consider serving it simply in a bowl with some fine olive oil as a dip for artisan bread - that way the flavour will have free reign.

  • The 6 year-old vinegar is sharper, and closer to your everyday buy, so use as you fancy in salads, dressings, marinades and sauces

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