FFSP11442 Giuseppe Giusti

Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Gift Collection, 5 x 100ml

  • This is the perfect gift for a balsamic aficionado and a real treat for the senses. The beautifully presented set is made up of the core range of the Guiseppe Giusti balsamic collection, offering a chance to experience the five different age profiles side by side. Each 100ml bottle is special and the range covers everything from the everyday to the precious rarity. Il Profumato is a staple six year-old balsamic that's great for dressings and cooking with. The beautifully balanced 12 year Riccardo Giusti is delicious drizzled over aged Parmesan. The collection is completed by Banda Rossa, a 20 year-old balsamic extracted from the family's precious reserved. It is so complex it's best appreciated when sipped as a digestif.This really is the perfect introduction to the world's oldest producer of balsamic vinegar, beautifully presented in the classic Modanese Champagnotte bottles and displayed in a crafted wooden case.

Product Description

Origin: ItalyThis set contains:1 x Medaglie D'Argento 'Il Profumato' (6 year aged), 100ml1 x Medaglie D'Oro 'Gold Medal' (8 year aged), 100ml1 x Riccardo Giusti (12 year aged), 100ml1 x IV Centenario (15 year aged), 100ml1 x Banda Rossa (20 year aged), 100ml

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