GOBL10455 Gobel

Gobel Custard Ring - Stainless Steel - 140mm x 35mm

  • Custard Ring - Stainless Steel
  • 140mm, height 35mm
  • Resistant and easy to clean


Product Description

Gobel Custard Ring - Stainless Steel.

  • The various stainless steel items of the range GOBEL enable pastrycookers and caterers to make desserts as tarts, mousses but also to take care over the presentation of their dishes for the pleasure of the eyes, using original forms of the range
  • All the products are in stainless steel,resistant and easy to clean
  • 140mm, height 35mm


GOBEL has been manufacturing pastry moulds for over five generations. This long history is without doubt a guarantee of great know-how and irreplaceable experience. This experience has enabled GOBEL to provide constant satisfaction to its customers, from 1887 to the present day! In France, as in North America, the Middle East, South-east Asia, Scandinavia, Australia and throughout Europe GOBEL is widely recognized as a genuine reference. Product quality: GOBEL is also aware of market development and the specific needs of its customers. Everything is devoted to reducing delivery times to a minimum and to providing the best possible services. In all fields, optimum quality for GOBEL is a tradition.

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Gobel S.A.










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