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Goji And Orange Mini Raw Chocolate - 22g

  • This raw chocolate treat is delicious and exceedingly nutritious
  • Sweetened with coconut sugar, a low GI sugar sustainably harvested from the coconut palm flower for its delicious nectar.
  • Goji And Orange Mini Raw Chocolate


Product Description

  • This orange flavoured bar is made with love, smiles and a sprinkling of Goji berries to add even more goodness!
    Low temperatures are maintained during the chocolate production process to preserve the nutritional values.


Raw chocolate cacao mass, coconut palm sugar, cacao butter, essential orange oil, goji berries


Our very own, in-house, chocolate-scientist, main man and founder Linus, went to a Steiner school in Sweden, where he loved making things from wood as well as any other practical hand-crafty type stuff.

He has, in his time, worked as a tree-surgeon, a house fixer-upper, a property developer, a builder, a childcare worker. He has even spent a year doing Steiner teacher training.

Linus is also a dad, and now, a full time chocolatier.

Artist, designer and Shinto princess, Sara was raised with polar bears and has lived in Sweden, Tokyo, and London. She has designed and sold underwear, studied 'Dance and Visual Art', worked and experimented with food and nutrition for years.

Sara's designs, general media and information savvy has been instrumental in helping Linus bust the chocolate out of the kitchen and take it to the world. In the Raw Chocolate Company she has found a way of focusing and utilizing many of her skills and creative powers - whilst developing new ones by the minute!

Based in Brighton, the team is now ten strong, and, as well as Linus and Sara also includes four skilled chocolate technicians and recipe-developers, a great IT dude, a mysterious angel, and also Theo, Linus's son and padawan learner. There's also our beloved choco Guys who wrap, pack and are very friendly on the phone. And, last but not least, Boom, our very own word-weaver.

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