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Good Hemp Milk - 1000ml

  • Here’s our new dairy free alternative to milk and soya
  • Fantastic news
  • It’s creamy, nutty, tastes delicious and its made from hemp – really!


Product Description

  • And because there is no Soya or Dairy in it, there’s no need to worry about causing a hormonal imbalance, causing bloating feelings in your tummy or a risk of eating GM foods!
    And here’s one more good thing, the hemp we grow for GOOD HEMP is great for the planet.

    •A non-dairy alternative to milk
    •Made from a blend of pure hemp seed
    •Natural source of Omega 3 & 6
    •Just one 250ml serving of GOOD Hemp provides 50% of our recommended daily intake of Omega 3
    •Low in saturated fat
    •Easy to digest
    •Free from Dairy & Lactose
    •Free from Soya
    •Free from Cholesterol
    •Free from known Allergens
    •Suitable for Vegetarians
    •Suitable for Vegans
    •0.00% THC - it is completely safe to drink
    •Made from one of the most sustainable crop on earth
  • It’s low in saturated fat, easy to digest and cholesterol free
  • Hemp is an excellent CO2 sequester


GOOD HEMP is great in tea and coffee, cereal or simply as a refreshing drink - One 250ml glass gives 50% of the omega 3 we need each day.


The Visionaries
Henry Braham, Director of Photography, and Glynis Murray, Producer, met around 15 years ago, when filming together. Something they still do – their latest film is Everybody’s Fine, with Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore. Soon after they met they found they had more in common than movies – both grew up on farms.

The birth of GOOD
Henry & Glynis bought Collabear Farm in 1996, and started farming themselves. Henry says that they never set out to produce a culinary oil, “like all the best journeys, we never had a specific destination in mind.”
They started by looking at options for sustainable farming. Hemp had just been reintroduced to the UK – a crop that had been key to the economy in Northern Europe for centuries, but had fallen out of fashion in recent years. It fitted their requirements perfectly. Hemp is hugely beneficial to the environment, and can be used in an impressive range of eco friendly products. It meant they could grow a crop that was both sustainable and profitable.

Henry and Glynis grew hemp successfully for fibre - used in BMW 5 and 3 series cars. But it was only when they picked and tasted the hemp seeds in the fields that they were inspired to develop a culinary oil.

‘They were delicious,’ says Henry. ‘And then we began to learn all about the incredible health properties of hemp seed. It is very high in essential fats, has about half the saturated fats of olive oil and is the most naturally perfect oil in terms of omega -3 and -6.’ But getting the oil to taste as good as the raw hemp seed wasn’t easy. ‘It took us ages to get it right,’ explains Glynis. ‘It was a question of trial and error. And, when you’re growing a crop, you do one trial, have your error, and then have to wait another year.’ It was 10 years before they perfected the harvesting and pressing of the seeds to produce an oil that tastes like the seed in the field. Hence why GOOD Oil - our Hemp Seed Oil - today tastes so GOOD!


Produced in the UK with hemp grown by UK farmers

Manufactured by

Braham & Murray Ltd








3 out of 5
By Jimbob | Posted on: 05/03/2013

Reasonable product

Manufacturers need to work more on the taste - it was ok in a smoothie or Hemp shake but on its own it was pretty yukky.


Expected Despatch By 26/10/2016
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