BRMR10040 Good

Good Hemp Pure Protein 75% - 500g

  • Good Hemp Pure Protein 75%
  • A complete plant protein made from 100% raw hemp seeds
  • 47% protein, 21% fibre and rich in Omega 3
  • Makes great shakes.
  • Good Hemp Raw Protein powder is naturally rich in Protein, Fibre and Omega 3.As a complete plant protein it contains all 20 amino acids that our bodies need to stay healthy including all 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce themselves so must be supplied by food.This product is a great protein & fibre boost to fortify food, drinks and shakes making it an excellent source of nutrients for Vegans, Vegetarians and those following a high protein diet.Perfect for gym shakes, breakfast shakes and as an addition to cereal, yogurts and smoothies.100% Natural


Product Description

  • Nothing added.
    47% Protein
    21% Fibre
    High in Omega 3
    Free from Gluten
    Free from Dairy
    Free from Lactose
    Free from Soya
    Free from Whey
    Free from GMO
    Free from Hexane
    No added sugar
    Free from Additives & Preservatives
    Certified Kosher
    Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Manufactured by

Braham & Murray Ltd









Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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