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Greedy Granny Game - TOMY


Product Description

Granny loves biscuits! So much so that she's fallen asleep with the entire tray on her lap. No wonder everyone calls her Greedy Granny!

Your mission... Take a biscuit of each type from Granny, while she slumbers, one wrong move and you could wake her and send the biscuits soaring! Will you risk it for a biscuit? Or will your mischievous moves wake Granny?

GAME PLAY - First player takes their turn spinning the biscuit wheel. If the spinner lands on yellow, take your turn in sneaking a biscuit away. Pay attention to the number on the section. This tells you how many times you must press the button to the side of Granny's chair. If the spinner lands on purple, you must put a biscuit back (if you have one) and press the button the designated times. If you land on an X you miss a go. If you land on the arrow you can take a biscuit from another player.

Aim of the game: collect one of each biscuit! If granny wakes, the player that woke her must replace all their biscuits onto her tray. Unlucky! Once that player's biscuits are reset, the games continues. First player to collect one of each type of biscuit and keep Granny snoozing, wins!

For 2-4 players

Box Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 12 cms

Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 5 years and over.

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