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Green Bay Organic Green Barley Leaf Powder - 125g

  • Green Bay Organic Green Barley Leaf Powder - a convenient way to add green vegetable goodness to your diet.


Product Description

  • A complete food in itself, it is packed with protein, contains no cholesterol and is one of the best sources of vitamin C.

    Good for Detox, Immune System, Digestion and pH Balance
  • Chlorophyll, known as “liquid sunshine” and even “green lightning”, is the life blood of Green Barley Leaf
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100% certified organic green barley leaf powder. Grown in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Nutrition Information

PowderOf 102 minerals found in healthy, rich soil, Green Barley Leaf contains approximately 90 – nine times as many as spinach, for example - as well as 18 amino acids. The good levels of B vitamins available in Green Barley Leaf are easily assimilated and the digestive enzymes found in green leaf foods are simply not found in such high concentration elsewhere.


Start with 1 teaspoon added to food or drink and gradually increase to 1 tablespoon per day over a six-week period. If you experience headaches or other detox symptoms, reduce your dose and continue to drink lots of fresh water. While dosage varies according to individual need, this product is usually best taken regularly – at least 4 days a week – over a 3-6 month period for optimum benefit. Green barley leaf should not be heated above 40°C.


Green Bay Harvest is an independent, family-run UK business specialising in the supply of organic functional foods. I founded the company in 2005 because I wanted to increase awareness and use of foods with remarkable nutritional and health benefits as part of our daily diets.

We source our ingredients as much as possible from our friends and contacts who are organic pioneers in their field and we take time to build personal relationships with our growers and harvesters to learn all we can about the origin and production processes of our foods. We are proud of our producers' skills and knowledge and our partnership with them. Together we make every effort to ensure that our foods reach customers in their optimal nutritional state.

Organically produced food tastes better, we feel, and so we are delighted that our foods are certified organic by the Soil Association. While we love local food and are committed to reducing our company's carbon footprint where possible, we have chosen to import our products because their unique nutritional credentials are simply not available elsewhere in the world.

We don't use air freight unless we must: instead we ship our products by sea, which means long distances but low carbon generation. We use attractively labelled cardboard drums and glass jars to preserve the goodness of our products and endeavour to optimise re-use, reduction and recycling in all our packaging.

As a mother to four young children, I know that a diet rich in unprocessed whole foods keeps my family healthy and happy. Experience has shown me that complementing a few meals and snacks with nature's 'wonderfoods' - such as green barley leaf and Manuka honey - is a very convenient way of getting goodness into our bodies.

I believe that the usual Western diet is increasingly failing to deliver the level of nutrition that a modern lifestyle demands. Learning about healthy food enables us to make conscious, informed choices about what we eat, while choosing to supplement our diet with functional foods can bring us closer to sustainable wellbeing.

Jo Glass – Founder

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