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GRBH10004 Green Bay

Green Bay Raw Active 15+ Manuka Honey - 227g

by Green Bay
  • Green Bay Raw Active 15+ Manuka Honey.
  • Long associated with vitality and abundance
  • Active Manuka Honey has remarkable antibacterial properties which are being employed to prevent and combat superbug MRSA.
  • It also assists with healing tissue, soothing inflammation and stomach ulcers and enhancing digestive health.


Product Description

  • Active raw manuka honey has an amazing range of benefits. According to pioneering research by Professor Peter Molan, Honey Research Institute, waikato University which first identified Manuka honey’s unique and powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka Honey has been proven to help relieve symptoms of gingivitis and periodontal disease and relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. Manuka honey has been proven to have up to 100X the anti-bacterial activity of other honeys because in addition to naturally occuring Hydrogen Peroxide, Manuka Honey contain the active compound Dietary Methylglyoxal which originates from the floral source of Manuka Honey; the nectar of the manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium), an indigenous New Zealand shrub also known as tea tree. Naturally Effective- Taken as a daily supplement a manuka honey lozenge helps maintain a healthy mouth, throat, immune and digestive system. Manuka Honey’s soothing antibacterial properties help soothe sore throats and reduce the urge to cough. It can also shield the gut from damage caused by acid reflux.


  • 227g of 15+ NPA Active Manuka Honey (100%)


  • Take one teaspoon as a daily supplement. Stir into herbal tea as a natural sweetener. Delicious spread thickly on toast or on a slice of pear or apple.


  • Green Bay Harvest is an independent, family-run UK business specialising in the supply of organic functional foods. I founded the company in 2005 because I wanted to increase awareness and use of foods with remarkable nutritional and health benefits as part of our daily diets. We source our ingredients as much as possible from our friends and contacts who are organic pioneers in their field and we take time to build personal relationships with our growers and harvesters to learn all we can about the origin and production processes of our foods. We are proud of our producers' skills and knowledge and our partnership with them. Together we make every effort to ensure that our foods reach customers in their optimal nutritional state. Organically produced food tastes better, we feel, and so we are delighted that our foods are certified organic by the Soil Association. While we love local food and are committed to reducing our company's carbon footprint where possible, we have chosen to import our products because their unique nutritional credentials are simply not available elsewhere in the world. We don't use air freight unless we must: instead we ship our products by sea, which means long distances but low carbon generation. The use attractively labelled cardboard drums and glass jars to preserve the goodness of our products and endeavour to optimise re-use, reduction and recycling in all our packaging. As a mother to four young children, I know that a diet rich in unprocessed whole foods keeps my family healthy and happy. Experience has shown me that complementing a few meals and snacks with nature's 'wonderfoods' - such as green barley leaf and Manuka honey - is a very convenient way of getting goodness into our bodies.


  • Understanding Activity Levels of Manuka Honey - avoid an activity level that is too high - If you see a Manuka Honey for sale with a high activity score (above 15+) you should ask to see the lab certificate for the honey and check that the peroxide activity hasn't been combined with the NPA rating. Don't go too low - Remember that all clinical and academic research into manuka honey shows that honey with a genuine activity score below 8+ has no proven therapeutic benefits. The ‘Goldilocks’ activity score is 10+ to 15+. All the amazing research about manuka honey has been conducted with 10+ Manuka Honey or above.

About Brand

  • Green Bay Harvest, inspired by Jo's commitment to natural food, is owned and operated by two families. The family connection is between two Kiwi brothers, John and Greg Glass, who work on opposite sides of the globe. We aim to have a honey bee's approach to happy buzzing: organised, community stakeholders, sharing leadership, in tune with nature...


  • - Coughs and Colds: the antibacterial properties in Manuka Honey help fight some causes of throat infections whilst honey is known to help suppress coughing and aids a good nights sleep. - Digestion: effective against the helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause gastric ulcers. - Fighting Infection: known to combat over 60 bacteria and fungi, its antibacterial action is highly stable. - Nutrition: containing iron, zinc and B vitamins, non peroxide active Manuka Honey has restorative powers that make it a desirable food for those under the weather or recuperating from illness. - Mouth and Throat Care: the antiseptic properties help kill bacteria which cause sore throats whilst the honey soothes the throat without numbing it.

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  • Green Bay Harvest.


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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.