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GRBH10002 Green Bay

Green Bay Red Superfruits Manuka Honeysuckers - 8 Lozenges

by Green Bay
  • For a Healthier life naturally
  • Made from organic manuka honey (78.5%) for its proven anti-bacterial properties blended with tart montmorency cherry juice (10%), tangy cranberry juice (10%) for a rich and complex fruity flavour and anti-oxidant boost
  • Finally, we add a pinch of freeze dried acai berry powder (1.3%) an exceptional fruit brimming with antioxidants and essential fatty acids
  • We don't add sugar or stabilisers so you can enjoy the flavours as nature intended


Product Description

  • Benefits of Red Superfruits Manuka Honeysuckers

    Take Manuka Honey in a lozenge format to have health-supporting honey on the go.Sucking the lozenge prolongs contact time between the proven anti-bacterial powers of manuka honey and your throat and mouth.Honeysuckers are popular with singers, vocal coaches, teachers and others who need to keep their voice in tip top condition.Academic research continues to show manuka honey is highly effective against super-bug MRSA so they make a thoughtful gift for a friend in hospital.

    • 8 Lozenges containing Manuka Honey (78.5%)
    • Always check the ingredients panel as some honey lozenges may contain less than 5% honey
    • The lozenge format enables a slow release of honey so that the clinically proven powerful anti-bacterial properties of raw Manuka Honey have the recommended minimum 5 minutes of contact time with the mouth and throat
    • Manuka Honey is also a source of iron, zinc, B vitamins and antioxidants and makes an tasty daily support to help maintain a robust immune system and general well-being as well as reduce stress
    • No added sugar, additives or stabilisers
    • (Parents tell us they love the fact that Honeysuckers are an additive-free healthy treat that also tastes delicious!)
    • Made with Raw Manuka Honey.

    All our Manuka Honeysuckers are made from our world famous raw Manuka honey which is sourced from hives tucked away in remote and wild parts of New Zealand.If you have seen the film ‘Vanishing of the Bees’ you will be reassured to know that the we use honey from hives that are not located near farms using systemic pesticide sprays.The bees are not fed sugar and the hive is not robbed of all its honey which means the colony would starve to death in the winter.We test each barrel of honey on a range of quality measures (see more below) and a 10g sample routinely contains an incredible 500,000+ grains of pollen in a 10g sample (yum!).Bee pollen contains B vitamins for energy, vitamin C for immune support and antibody formation, as well as a wide range of minerals.

    Raw Quality Promise

    • Green Bay raw organic Manuka Honey is carefully selected to meet our six-point quality promise :-
    • 100% New Zealand Honey
    • Not pasteurised (uggh!) or over-heated during packing so that health-supporting enzymes and other nutrients aren't lost.(More people need to know that Honey is a natural product that, when stored correctly, will last for ages without being fine-filtered by big food companies.)
    • Minimally filtered - to retain propolis and pollen which naturally occurs in raw honey
    • High activity honey - the activity, a measure of anti-bacterial strength, of each drum is verified by ISO 9001approved test method and laboratory
    • Clinical trials show that manuka honey below 8+ has negligible therapeutic value so stick to honey with values above 10+
    • Taste tested - a sample from each batch is taste-tested by a Green Bay family member so you can enjoy the distinctive flavour profile of each apiary
    • As close to the goodness of the hive as you can get without being stung!

    More about Manuka Honey

    • Manuka honey comes exclusively from New Zealand, where the manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium), a relative of the tea tree, is a protected native species
    • Native bush and marginal land, covered in manuka and unsuitable for most agriculture, is now producing manuka honey of exceptional quality
    • New Zealand’s indigenous people, the Maori, has long revered the manuka plant as a rongoa (herbal medicine) and early European settlers followed their example using manuka for a range of therapeutic treatments
    • Today, clinical trials have proven Manuka Honey’s anti-bacterial properties which fight infection, particularly in the mouth and throat, as well as supporting good digestion
    • Fighting Infection: Active manuka honey has two antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide and a manuka factor which may work together to provide outstanding healing
    • Used to quell over 60 bacteria and fungi, its antibacterial action is highly stable and has shown considerable success in clearing wounds and resolving infection
    • In the UK active manuka honey has been used in NHS hospitals to combat serious wound infections
    • Digestion: Assisting digestion by coating and soothing the gastro-intestinal tract, active manuka honey shields the gut from damaging conditions such as acid reflux
    • The activity rating of 12+ indicates that its antibacterial strength is equivalent to a 12 per cent solution of phenol
    • Active manuka honey has proved effective against the helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause gastric ulcers
    • Throat, mouth and voice care: Effective against throat-infecting bacteria, manuka honey is also anti-inflammatory, so soothes a sore throat while combating infection
    • Children with night-time coughs who were given manuka honey in a 2007 study reported good symptom relief and good sleep
    • Emerging evidence suggests that manuka honey’s unique healing properties even fight bacteria that cause gum inflammation


  • Storage Store flat in a cool, dry place under 25°C or refrigerate. If Honeysuckers overheat, freeze to -5°C to harden. We don't use any additives or artificial stabilizers in our products because we don't like them and they are not necessary as Honey is a brilliant natural preservative. As a result, this product has a naturally long shelf life of at least eighteen months when it is produced in New Zealand and typically a minimum of 6 months when shipped to you. Instructions for Use Suck (don't chew) two Honeysuckers™ sequentially. Let each dissolve slowly. Suggested Serving: Take 2 lozenges every 3-4 hours as required. Attention: Not suitable for children under 1 year old..


  • Green Bay Harvest is an independent, family-run UK business specialising in the supply of organic functional foods. I founded the company in 2005 because I wanted to increase awareness and use of foods with remarkable nutritional and health benefits as part of our daily diets. We source our ingredients as much as possible from our friends and contacts who are organic pioneers in their field and we take time to build personal relationships with our growers and harvesters to learn all we can about the origin and production processes of our foods. We are proud of our producers' skills and knowledge and our partnership with them. Together we make every effort to ensure that our foods reach customers in their optimal nutritional state. Organically produced food tastes better, we feel, and so we are delighted that our foods are certified organic by the Soil Association. While we love local food and are committed to reducing our company's carbon footprint where possible, we have chosen to import our products because their unique nutritional credentials are simply not available elsewhere in the world. We don't use air freight unless we must: instead we ship our products by sea, which means long distances but low carbon generation. The use attractively labelled cardboard drums and glass jars to preserve the goodness of our products and endeavour to optimise re-use, reduction and recycling in all our packaging. As a mother to four young children, I know that a diet rich in unprocessed whole foods keeps my family healthy and happy. Experience has shown me that complementing a few meals and snacks with nature's 'wonderfoods' - such as green barley leaf and Manuka honey - is a very convenient way of getting goodness into our bodies.

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  • Green Bay Harvest.


Product Reviews(3)


Average Item Rating:

Extremely addictive!
  • Added by Monique
  • Date: 16/12/2014

I could say that I'm addicted to these honeysuckers! I recommend them for real!

Great product
  • Added by Mason
  • Date: 08/12/2014

Healthier as it is natural. You can refrigerate to harden it if it gets softer.

Unique product
  • Added by Beth
  • Date: 21/11/2014

I love Manuka honey for its medicinal properties, and I always keep a box of Manuka Honeysucker lozenges with me!

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