GRPE11700 Green People

Green People Organic Homme 8 Stay Fresh Deodorant - 75ml

  • Organic Thyme, Lemon & Clove
  • Green People Organic Homme 8 Stay Fresh Deodorant
  • Free from Parabens, Alchohol and pore-clogging Aluminium.


Product Description

  • Roll-on deodorant for all skin types.
    Essential oils to kill the bacteria that cause body odour (Thyme, Lemon and Clove).
    Floral waters to restrict bacterial growth (Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, Cypress and Thyme).
    Herbal extracts to soothe delicate skin (Witch Hazel, Marigold and Rosemary).
    Fresh, warm scent (Thyme, Clove and Lemon).


Use after bath or shower under dry armpits. Please note: Any natural
deodorant free from aluminium, alcohol, perfume or aggressive
germicides needs to be applied more frequently to completely clean
and dry skin.


Green People Ethics

Green People are committed to offering products that are 100% natural, certified organic and highly effective.

We will maintain our quest for excellence, creativity and innovation at all times, and will not compromise the quality of any Green People product.

None of our formulations or products are or ever have been tested on animals and most of our products are registered by the Vegan Society. All of our products are suitable for Vegetarians.

We believe that you have a fundamental right to know exactly what is contained in the products you are buying and therefore give full ingredient disclosure on all of our products.

We also support charities with related environmental concerns and each year 10% of our net profit is donated to charitable causes linked to 'green' or environmental issues.

The Green People team is a small group of dedicated people all working together for a healthier future and a less polluted world.

About Brand

Green People, one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK is a forward-thinking family owned company specializing in organic body care products. The Green People Mission is to promote an organic lifestyle and provide high quality, truly organic, natural cosmetic and skincare products.

Green People is proud to offer over 100 certified organic products in high performance award-winning ranges for all of the family including specialist skin conditions. Their products are packed with over 90% active natural and organic ingredients to protect, nourish, balance and, most importantly, respect your body.

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5 out of 5
By charmandean | Posted on: 20/07/2012

Product excedeed my expectations

Well worth the effort of buying on-line, this product is just what I was looking for, no irritation, very good performance, with no residue.


Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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