ISLS18150 Greenwood Airvac

Greenwood Cv2Gip Selv Continuously Running Fan

  • Designed for new build and refurbishment applications, it delivers a cutting edge performance as a result of its unique and innovative design - Unity CV2GIP SELVis really one of a kind!.
  • The Greenwood Unity CV2GIP SELV utilises an innovative one product concept - One Fan, Any Room, All Installations and is one of the newest dMEV fans to be brought to the UK Market


Product Description

  • The unique ability to adjust and specifically set airflow for each home to meet design criteria - Guaranteed Installed Performance
  • Extremely quiet running - no nuisance noise!!
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment
  • Superior Performance - the best you can buy in the UK for continuous single point ventilation (dMEV)
  • SMART Technology by Greenwood - more efficiency, more effective and tangible savings!.
  • Easy onsite interaction for installation and commissioning


GIP - Guaranteed Installed Performance The 2010 Building Regulations now focus on installed ventilation performance meeting design criteria for the first time (GIP - Guaranteed Installed Performance). This is the first step to ventilation becoming a controlled service within a dwelling and means systems will be inspected and tested prior to sign off by Building Control. Unity CV2GIP has been designed to assist in the simple delivery of GIP onsite. It has an innovative adjustable airflow feature which allows trickle and boost speeds to be altered following testing to ensure compliance. SMART Technology Unity CV2GIP marks the launch of SMART Technology by Greenwood - a fusion of sensors, controls and innovative design features that make ventilation work SMARTer in the home and the environment. Discreet Design Greenwood have challenged convention again by launching a circular fan which blends even further with its installed environment - especially in ceilings. In all, Unity CV2GIP is an excellent unit which is fit for installation in any circumstances! Fuss-Free Installation Installers were high on the priority list when designing the Unity CV2GIP SELV- this product is easy to install and fuss-free when it comes to the lates regulations! This product features a patented twist lock front fascia and internal 'stay open' hinge with screw retention design, which means everything is always within easy reach of the installer - all aiming to reduce time, errors and annoyance typically found with some extractor fans Two speed single point fan Trickle Speed 5l/s or 8ls (default) Boost Speed 8l/s or 13l/s (default) 100% variable airflow setting up to max 21l/s All defaults to airflow performance as in 2010 Building Regulations Boost can be wired to light/remote switch Boost via automatic control option - Greenwood HumidiSMART TM Automatic overrun timer option - Greenwood TimerSMART TM All airflow and automatic sensor controls set through innovative touch-pad Performance Unity CV2GIP SELV marks the launch of SMART Technology by Greenwood Airvac SMART Technology is a fusion of sensors, controls and innovative design features that makes ventilation work SMARTer for the home and the environment. 1. Greenwood HumidiSMART™ Unity CV2GIP features a new and innovative way of using humidity to control ventilation. It's SMARTer because it only looks and reacts to man-made humidity. This removes nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage typically associated with increases to background humidity which naturally occur with the changing seasons. 2. Greenwood TimerSMART™ Unity CV2GIP also features a new and logical approach to timer operation. It's SMARTer because in contrast to traditional timers, it looks at the duration of occupancy to define running time rather than having a fixed running period. This removes nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage and heat loss typically associated with traditional timers. SMARTer controls don't need adjustment, they are simply ON or OFF.

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